Friday, August 7, 2009

Frequent Ask Questions

Where can i apply the stickers?

You may want to decorate it in your living area, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, washroom and kitchen. It can be apply on surfaces such as window, tiles, wall, wood, electronic (washing machine, refridgerator).

What is the life spend of the sticker?

Normally 2 to 3 years

Does it leave and stain on the wall after peeling?

Usually, there will be no problem for glass, wood, mirror and plastic surface. However, a little bit may come out after peeling off the sticker from the painting wall.

What is the sticker's material?

It's made of plastic and it's non-toxic.

It is waterproof?

Yes, it's waterproof. It is also heat and steam resistant.

How do i made payment for my order?

Payment can be made by online transfer or cash deposit to our RHB Bank or Public Bank Berhad account. For overseas customer, payment can be made by paypal.

Date of delivery?

We will advise the date of delivery upon receive of payment.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


  • pre-cut
  • self-adhesive
  • completely removable
  • leaves no sticky residue when removed
  • washable
  • water, steam and heat-resistant
  • colorfast
  • non-toxic


  • Instant change / designer look without residue
  • Great cover-up for damage surfaces. (small holes and scratches)
  • Co-ordinate the whole entire room for a change
  • Create new looks by moving around the accent pieces


  • Living room, bedroom, dining room, windows, sliding door, glass, mirror, entrance wall
  • Furniture (wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, washing machine, table)
  • Bathroom (shower, bathtub, sinks, toilets (outside & lid), tiles, lamp

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